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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Greetings from a field at UBC

The other day we gathered to watch some co-workers play Australian Rules Football...

Not quite the same as a pro grand final, but entertaining nonetheless...

first both teams gather on the field (pitch? not sure) - they sang the Canadian national anthem (only in English) followed by the Australian national anthem.

Then they each gathered and sang their own fight songs

I'm not sure if these are known cheers or individual for these teams only

This is what the goal posts look like - you need to kick the ball between them (there are two smaller ones that then flank these)

After the match we proceeded to the bar, which really seemed to be the most important part.

We sat outside and basically commandeered the entire deck. Notice I am drinking a Kilkenny, which might just be my favorite beer. I am SO glad you can get it in Canada. (note for anyone hoping to go to the brewery in Ireland - it is only opened for a short time in August...I stood outside like Charlie looking at the Chocolate Factory)


One of the greatest things about this sport is the awards ceremony. Rather than getting some kind of trophy or other stationary object, you instead are honored with a pint, which you then must drink as fast as possible. Awesome.

Step 1: Describe award/honor (honour??)

Step 2: hand to recipient

Step 3: Enjoy!!

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